We’re so passionate about our Armrests we’re giving a pair FREE with every order!

So here’s the lowdown on armrests and why you need them!

Posture is key to maintaining a healthy spine, avoiding aches and pains and keeping your back health in tip top condition.  So sitting correctly on your chair of choice is so important and the nifty little armrest is a fabulous contributor to your comfort!

Not only do they support the upper limbs they also reduce the amount of pressure to our lower back when seated. No table and chair are standard, therefore being able to adjust not only the height of your chair, but the height of the arm rests is crucial in getting the perfect seated position.  Armrests can take the strain and stop you hunching over the workstation, supporting your arms and shoulders and promoting better posture.



Our armrests also go above & beyond by extending over the desk to support the wrist at the keyboard, which can greatly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Armrests should be the last thing to adjust on your chair, set the height, seat tilt, lumbar support, backrest angle, head rest, then finally you can adjust your armrests to a natural elbow position. When set properly, your armrests should sit just under your elbows when your hands are placed in your lap.

So not only do these clever bits of tech help look after your spine, all our armrests  have luxurious soft pads for that added layer of comfort during your work day.

We’re all about high tech ergonomic design & the wellness that can deliver, to see what more our chairs can offer, read about our Chairology!

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Terms and Conditions Armrest Offer

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. No monetary alternative. One Free armrest set per chair ordered. If the chair is returned for a refund or exchange the free armrests need to be returned as well.  Add the armrests to your order and use Offer Code ARM50. We reserve the right to terminate the offer at any point. Subject to availability.