So, here’s the tech…. 

We know that the human body was not meant to be seated for extended hours during the day. Evolution led us to develop a musculoskeletal system optimized for standing upright or being on the move, ie chasing our dinner!  Factor in the shift in our working habits since the late 20th century to technology led, desk work and we find we are all sitting down too much.  We are suffering more back discomfort and physical ailments than ever before, which is why our design team had to create not only beautiful looking chairs, but chairs which are good for us, support us well, provide outstanding comfort and promote movement.

Dynamic Sitting

We created the term ‘Dynamic Sitting’ which essentially means wellbeing through movement in the chair.



Dynamic Sitting is where your seat and back support can move effortlessly, with your body, throughout the day. Its just like sitting on a gym ball – the chair will unlock and free float in tune with your movement. 



Body Balance Mechanism delivers:

  • effortless movement – crucial for your back health
  • a more comfortable sitting position that can be maintained throughout the day
  • maximum support combined with movement, all day

How it works

Simple controls under the seat allow you to release and free float. At any time or position you can also lock it off. 


AirCare™ Technology

As an additional feature, to encourage Dynamic Sitting, our Sensit range offers AirCare™ Technology with patented Airbridge. Comprising two air cells built into the seat pad, they can be inflated and deflated for your optimum support. Crucially, they allow air to flow between them as you move, through the Airbridge. This delivers constant and optimum support where you need it most. 

AirCare™ technology is tested to industry office seating cycle standards of 250,000 repetitions for a 115Kg mass (18 stone) and the air cell material has been tested to withstand in excess of a 200kg compression for prolonged periods.


AirCare™ Technology delivers:

  • optimum comfort from twin air cells within the seat pad

  • constant air movement between the cells providing support where you need it most

  • stimulation of core strength and stability

  • a seat that tailors and moulds to your body and follows your movement

How it works

AirCare™ Technology responds to your every movement whilst supporting the lower back. The cells will self-inflate and deflate as needed, using a simple push button, until you find your optimum sitting position. 

Memory Foam

Memory Foam is a term that has become familiar to consumers, primarily through its promotion as a mattress topping material. A mattress topper is simply a thin layer of Memory Foam designed to function in conjunction with the traditionally structured mattress underneath. Memory Foam has unique properties that allow it to react to body heat and mould around the body imprint. This property gives a more even spread of support, reducing pressure points.

When we developed memory foam for integrated use in task chair seats, to improve body support and reduce pressure points, the research required us to test top layers of memory foam in conjunction with a core layer of high quality, dense but non heat reactive foam.  It is the combination of the 2 materials that is key to optimising the wellness benefits to be gained from the Memory Foam seat. 

The Memory Foam seat does provide a firm support overall.

Wellness Features

We offer a whole host of additional features that encourage good seated posture and relieve uneven pressure on the spine. Check each range to see which of these features are included:

  • Easy lift, back height adjustment for precise positioning.
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • Cool, flexible mesh backs.
  • Push Button Mechanism control 
  • Height adjustable lumbar pads
  • S shaped spinal support
  • Width & height adjustable arms designed to prevent strain on our shoulders and neck.
  • Multi adjustable headrests.
  • Memory foam seat pads.
  • Deep cushioned seats.
  • Forward tilting seats.


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