So, here’s the tech…. 

We know that the human body was not meant to be seated for extended hours during the day. Evolution led us to develop a musculoskeletal system optimized for standing upright or being on the move, ie chasing our dinner!  Factor in the shift in our working habits since the late 20th century to technology led, desk work and we find we are all sitting down too much.  We are suffering more back discomfort and physical ailments than ever before, which is why our design team had to create not only beautiful looking chairs, but chairs which are good for us, support us well, provide outstanding comfort and promote movement.

Dynamic Sitting

We created the term ‘Dynamic Sitting’ which essentially means wellbeing through movement in the chair. Our unique chairs can be unlocked whilst seated providing the ability to constantly adjust your seated position.  We know regular movement is recognized as vital for good back care. We also offer additional features that encourage good seated posture and relieve uneven pressure on the spine. 

Here are some of the wellbeing features on our chairs:

  • Body balance mechanism for ‘dynamic sitting
  • Patented Airbridge technology to deliver variable support for your spine through inflatable, AirCare seat cushions.


  • Easy Lift, back height adjustment for precise positioning of the inflatable lumbar support
  • S Shaped Spinal SupportCool, flexible mesh backs 
  • Push Button Mechanism control 
  • Height adjustable lumbar pads
  • S shaped spinal support
  • Width & height adjustable arms designed to prevent strain on our shoulders and neck.
  • Multi adjustable head rests