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Wellness Trends for 2021
Not only has there been a huge shift in the last year from ‘me’ to ‘we’ with community wellness becoming a key part of our conscience, but there has also been a move towards really looking after our own mental health, wellness and happiness. 
Here are our top tips for maintaining your happy for 2021….

Declutter your life

This is not about just a quick kitchen tidy up, this is more centred around making your life more simple.  Relevant to not only our surroundings, is your workspace a chaotic melee which could be tamed to a more ordered and pleasing environment, but also our minds. Focus on the here and now and important, rather than the would be, could be, should I.  The ‘noise’ we listen to everyday can complicate our intentions and make us prioritise things which should be really left till last.  

Realistic Goals

Setting micro-goals is a key trend for 2021. Instead of climbing a mountain, climb the stairs.  Make them achievable and measured, give yourself positivity through these milestones and feel your mood lift.  We all need to feel like we’re progressing, growing and attaining.  This is directly linked to our mental health and it makes us feel SO good.

What Makes You Happy is Good For You..

Be it wearing bed socks on a cold night or buying one of our ergonomic chairs to make you more comfy for an 8hr working day, do things which make you happy.  Looking after ourselves should be the number one priority this year & boosting our endorphins should be top of your list to promote your own happy.


The new therapy.  Talking and walking with your family and walk buddy’s can be the highlight of your day.  We crave social interaction as humans and this new trend bought about by the pandemic has been a welcome activity for many.  Book them in, get some fresh air, stretch those legs and have a good natter!  It makes you feel good whilst getting in your daily exercise.

 The Digital Detox

Ditch the digital for a week, weekends or after 6pm.  Whatever you choose, we are in control of how much screen time we allow. Be it laptops for work or iphones for social, give yourself managed breaks and see how much better you feel.  We are bombarded every second through our tech with so much information, set your mind free with planned timeouts.

Be Happy!