FREE adjustable armrest worth £50 with every office chair order today. Simply add arm & use code ARM50 at checkout. FREE adjustable armrest worth £50 with every office chair order today. Simply add arm & use code ARM50 at checkout.

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Top Tips For Choosing Your Next Office Chair

Are you baffled with all the tech when it comes to choosing your home office chair? Do you know your gas lift from your lumbar support? Osteopath, Katie Bench BSC. (Hons) Ost. talks straight from the hip when it comes to choosing the right chair to spend your day on!


Adjustable lumbar support is crucial, whether you experience back problems currently or not.  Katie explains, this is a great preventative as well as supportive measure.  We all tend to sit on the edge of our chair, hunched over our keyboard which causes stress on the lower back area.  To maintain our extension curve (lordosis) we need lumbar support, in the right place at the right tension. This will ensure our discs are not over compressed and help prevent back pain and sciatica.

 All Summit Chairs offer good S shaped spinal support

  • Our Inflexion, Sensit, and Tiverton chairs have height adjustable and inflatable lumbar pads.
  • Our Ovair and Operator chairs have height adjustable lumbar pads.


Being able to adjust your seat tilt is another great way to keep you sitting in the right position.  Katie recommends a hip joint angle of 110-120 degrees as being the optimum slant to ensure your knees are not higher than your hips.  This not only maintains your lordosis it also helps enormously with hip issues by not impinging or pinching the tissues and bony structures associated with arthritis.

  • Our Tiverton, Sensit, Ovair and Inflexion have adjustable seat angle capability.


Having a chair with adjustable arms is invaluable when scooting your chair into your work desk to use your keyboard.  You need to be able to tuck those arm rests underneath the table so your forearms can lean on the table as you type or write.   Overreaching can cause all manner of issues from neck and shoulder pain to putting your back in the wrong position for extended periods. 

  •  Summit Chairs are available with adjustable arm rests.


It is important to stay grounded and this means keeping your feet firmly on the floor, adjusting the height of your chair to fit well under your desk. 

Gas lift chairs make this easy, allowing you to sit on the chair and adjust the height in one swift movement.

  • All Summit Chairs have gas lift height adjustment.


Katie’s final top tip is to have freedom to move. Rotating wheels on your chair make sure you avoid twisting your neck and back into awkward positions, which causes muscular tension, pain and headaches. Not the way to end a long day! 

  • All Summit Chairs have moveable castors and will fully rotate your chair 360 degrees.


 Katie Bench BSc.(Hons) Ost.
Registered Osteopath, Nr Bath.